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(Note: This is an editable web page, with the password anyone can click on Edit Page and it opens up in a text format that you can add to or change. So, for instance, you can choose a chapter in our 2nd textbook, or sign up for an appointment with me.

Try it. "research14"


1)   For the Lesson Plan assignment, choose a lesson delivery idea from the text and design a presentation about using that idea for another topic. Submit an outline of your presentation.


[Chapters I, II, III & IV are interesting reading but not lesson plans.]


Christel & Sullivan Chapters



Lesson Plan   Name 

Intro.  Web Basics: Getting Started. “What’s the Use? Making Sense of Fair Use, Copyright, and Free Use in the Age of Mashups, Remixes, and Open Educational Resources “


1. Wikipedia Is Not the Enemy: Training Students in Evaluation of and Participation in Wiki Culture


2. How Did That Get on My Facebook Page? Understanding. “Voice, Audience, and Purpose on Social Networking Sites ‘- Using  Facebook  and Wiggio to learn about Language Registers.

3. Stop. Shoot. Send: Using Phone Cameras to Find Meaning and to Engage Students

 Mohammed Hafiz

4. It’s a Comic Life: Creating Information-Based Comics using Edmodo and Stripcreator to learn about figurative language concepts. 


5. Glogster: A Poster-Sized Look at Student Movie Stars   

6. Survey Says! Using Google Forms to Evaluate Media Trends and Habits


7. Bringing the Year Together: The Digital Process Portfolio

II. A Classroom without Walls: Collaborating with Web-Based Applications. “It’s in the Margins: Social Media and Implications for Learning                            


Lesson Plan                            Name 
8. Creating a Classroom Ning: Developing an Environment for Social Networking   Adi Catts
9. Keep Them Talking about The Fifth Child: Reclaiming Instructional Time with Discussion Boards   
10. Crash into Prejudice: Cinema Studies in a Web2.0 Environment   
11. Write Your Own Adventure: A Lesson in Collaborative Writing Using Webspiration  Carrie Lindholm 
12. Collaborating, Composing, and Communicating.  Using Google Docs: A Lesson Exploring Cyber Ethics in the Classroom 



13. Blogging the Examined Life: Expressing, Testing, and Publishing Ideas to Deepen Understanding  Michelle Albertson

III. The21st Century Essay: Researching, Collaborating, and Composing

20th Century Pedagogy + Today’s Technology = The 21st Century Essay: A Familiar Equation



14. Nice: Evaluating Student-Selected Digital Sources within a Social Context                          LaToya Hinton  

15. Using a Wiki to Collaborate during the Research Process


16. What’s in a Wordle? Using Word Clouds to Teach Reading, Writing, and



17. Building Rubrics Collaboratively with GoogleDocs 


18. Networked Research Reporting: Using Ning to Report Student Research


19. Photo Essays: Bring Literary Themes to Life


IV. Interactive Literature Study: The Paperback vs. the Computer Screen. 

“To be or not to be . . .” Twittering, Blogging, IMing While Studying Hamlet?

Is That the Pedagogical Question? 

20. The Macbeth Mystery: An Interactive Approach to Challenging Language   


21. Podcasting the Traditional Book Review


22. Would Ralph “Friend” Piggy? Using Social Networks to Study Character


23. Dear Emma, Just Tweet Me: Using Microblogging to Explore Characterization

and Style 


24. Symbolic Analysis of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: Literature, Album Art,

and VoiceThread 


25. Macbeth book: Synthesizing Research and Literary Analysis to Create a Social

Networking Environment 

26. A New Media Pilgrimage: Chaucer and the Multimodal Satire   


2)  Use this table to select your presentation date. Attendance required for both days


Final Project Presentations
3 December  10 December

Sara Al-Bahlani

Mohammed Hafiz 

Samina Yasmin

Michelle Albertson 

LaToya Hinton

Adi Catts 

Cosette Terry-itewaste

 Ricky Gonzales


Carrie Lindholm






What can you do with a wiki?








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